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Joe Kostialik

Jay Kay Gutter Supply delivery trucks
Aluminum coil supply in our warehouse
Kristine Ziser, Vice President, Jay Kay Seamless Gutter Supply

Kristine Ziser
Vice President

On-site manufacturing of custom length gutters
Jay Kay Gutter Supply's large fleet of gutter supply delivery trucks
Jay Kay Gutter Supply warehouse in Wanaque NJ
Rob Scott, Director of Operations, Jay Kay Seamless Gutter Supply

Rob Scott
Director of Operations

In 1954, two major events took place. The first was the beginning of a 50 year marriage between Joe and Rosalie. The second was the start of “Jay Kay Roofing Co.,” a small residential business that over the years has grown into what is today “Jay Kay Seamless Gutter Supply.”

As a contractor, Joe knew the importance of completing a job in a timely fashion, while still providing the homeowner with the best quality building materials available. As other contractors complained that they had to wait days, even weeks for their gutters to be installed by independent gutter companies, Joe listened. Joe then had the idea that gutters could be delivered directly to the jobsite and that the contractor could install the gutters themselves. This way the contractor would receive the material at a fraction of the cost for installed material and in a very timely manner.

To make this possible, the supplier needed to be equipped with many delivery trucks, a warehouse stocked with all of the gutter parts and accessories needed in many different colors and workers with expert knowledge of the gutter industry.

Today, Jay Kay Seamless Gutter Supply is exactly what Joe envisioned: Twelve trucks with gutter forming machines on board, numerous fully stocked warehouses sitting on two acres and employees that are well trained in the rain-carrying product field.

As this idea caught on, the local contractors went from being Joe’s competition to becoming Joe’s customers. And as the years went by, Jay Kay grew bigger and so did our product line. To compliment our vast inventory of gutter accessories, we also carry aluminum trim and soffit, available in the same designer colors as our gutters.

Our experience and resources allow us to achieve this.

Please use this website as a guide for matching up colors and learning about the many products we have to offer. Feel free to call (973) 616-1669 with any questions.

Remember, “There’s No Delay When You Call Jay Kay.”

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